Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008

Personal news / Barcamp Hamburg 08

It's pretty tough getting a new post online these days. I've been moving from Hamburg to Cologne (Köln), moving some stuff back to a rented room in Hamburg and haven't had time to set up the new appartment yet due to my new. Yep, that's right, I switched jobs and now work for drei75 web strategies, 
a small german agency which develops ideas and concepts for online features, campaigns etc. I'm really looking forward to doing some business these guys :) I also have to thank the folks @otto.de for giving me the chance to develop my knowledge!

Slightly different topic but much more interesting: The Barcamp Hamburg 2008 is opening it's gates on Nov. 21/22 @ OTTO HQ in Hamburg. It's gonna be great. I think it's one of the few Barcamps in Germany at a big company HQ.
Here are some more infos about the event over @Kassenzone Blog.